Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of Small Business Owner Burnout?

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Small business owners realize owning and running their own business is a major commitment. However, we tend to tell ourselves just a few more months and things will get better.

Once things calm down I can have my life outside of work back…..

Unfortunately, many small business owner’s pour everything into their business and get burned out. To keep this from happening here are 3 Early Warning Signs you’re on the verge of burning out:

  1. Inability to concentrate. You have a hard time focusing and completing tasks which leads to more stress. You can’t remember what tasks you’ve completed or what you need to do next. You have a hard time with problem solving.
  2. Not Taking Care of Yourself. You’re so focused on work and begin to neglect yourself. Forgetting to eat each day, turning to self-destructive behaviors such as drinking too much or self-medicating, and forgetting to sleep.
  3. You are mentally and physically exhausted all the time. The stress of work makes you feel completely spent all the time.


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