Turning Research into Headlines

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You’ve got all this market research, now what? Here’s how you take your research and turn it into a few headlines to test as a likes campaigns.

  1. Who are you targeting? Ex: Moms of small children
  2. Look for pain points. Ex: dark circles under my eyes
  3. What are people saying about it? Ex: It’s running my life, I look like a Zombie
  4. Come up with 3 to 5 Headlines. Ex: How I Said “Good Bye” to My Dark Circles, No More Mombie Eyes For Me…, and Warning: Made My Skin Irresistible
  5. Add a picture that’s attention grabbing as well.
  6. Then test, test, test…..

After you get the most popular headline, write copy to go with it that’s compelling.

Come back next week to see how to write compelling ad copy!


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