Stop Committing These 5 Customer Service Sins

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Today’s society puts businesses at a disadvantage especially when it comes to a bad client or customer experience. It only takes a few seconds to broadcast the experience across the world on multiple social media channels. Providing great customer service is crucial and cannot be emphasized enough.

Is your business guilty of these 5 Customer Service sins?

  1. Making clients feel invisible. A customer or client should NEVER feel invisible or unwanted. Be engaging with customers and not just your fellow co-workers. Remember to give the client or customers a status update or ask if they need anything else.  
  2. Punishing the client for your mistake. Mistakes will happen, but don’t make the client wait for weeks to solve the issue. For instance, if you need to send the client a part, expedite it if possible instead of using ground shipping.
  3. Never showing appreciation to your customers. Remember to say thank you. Clients need to know they are appreciated. Without clients and customers, we wouldn’t have our businesses. Every staff member should be reminded to say thank you to every client and customer. You would be amazed at the power of those 2 simple words.  
  4. Make the client fix their own issue. When a client brings an issue to you, listen. Don’t just make assumptions. Recently my television started acting goofy after a software update was done by the manufacturer. I called the company, but they denied the software issue was the problem. Instead of waiting weeks for them to fix the issue, I was able to reset the TV to the factory setting and now it works fine.
  5. Bad employees. The wrong employee can tank a business in a hurry. Don’t be afraid to replace personnel if they cannot emulate your core values and business principles. Every employee is a representative of your business.

Keep your clients and customers coming back for great service by treating them with respect in every situation. Use the positive feedback to Increase your social media presence. For more great tips click here to visit the RH Marketing Group site.  

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