How to Find Your Ideal Client or Customer…..

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I admit it. I used to be guilty of marketing to every person who was breathing or crossed paths with me. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that everyone doesn’t want my products/services. Here are a few tips I picked up from my own personal experiences (Hopefully you won’t alienate your loved ones and friends or drain your bank account like I did):

Pick one product or service. Your target market will get convoluted if you are pitching 5 or 10 different things. Pick one product or service to being with. Creating multiple sales funnel for other products or services will come later. Get started by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What’s the one product or service you can’t live without? Ex: Virtual Assistant
  2. What does my product or service do best? Ex: Brings business owners more clients/customers
  3. Who does my product or service best serve? Ex: Business owners who want to use social media, but don’t have time or may not have knowledge about social media.

Create a Customer Avatar. Creating a Customer Avatar gives helps you determine who’s your perfect or ideal client or customer. You’re Avatar is going to help you determine the following things:

  1. Who is my ideal client or customer?
  2. Where do they hang out?
  3. What problem or challenges do they have?

There are many different opinions on what questions to answer on a Customer Avatar worksheet. Here are the questions I ask when creating a Customer Avatar:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Marital Status
  4. Any children
  5. Location
  6. Occupation
  7. Annual Salary
  8. Level of Education
  9. Favorite Quote
  10. Goals and Values
  11. Favorite Books & Magazines
  12. What Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest pages or Websites do they visit?
  13. What Hobbies do they have?
  14. What teacher, mentor or author do they like or follow?

Check back next week to see an example of a Customer Avatar. If you would like your company to be used in the example, please respond below.

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