Get New Clients by Sharing Your Story!

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You have an amazing story to tell, but who and how do you share it using social media? Here is where your avatar and market research help you determine your target audience. Of course, testing is required to make sure you are reaching the right target audience.

The options mentioned below can be a regular post on your Facebook page or you can turn them into an ad. Many people are skeptical when redirected to a website so collecting potential client info in a lead form is recommended. Here are several options when sharing your story:

    1. Video Lead Ad – Using a video lead ad makes your story more memorable and relatable to people.
    2. Lead Ad – The Headline and Picture need to be attention grabbing. You have 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.
    3. Article/Blog – Tell your story in a way that helps others.
    4. Regular Post – Make it stand out. Using a poem or gif to get peoples attention.
    5. Boosted Post – Works great if you notice a lot of people reacting to your post.

The hardest part about telling a story is getting the high points without overwhelming or dragging on and on. Remember to just tell the important facts including what happened to you, what changes you made and how people can benefit from your experience.

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