Fundamentals For a Firm Business Foundation!

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I want you to think of your business as a house. If you try to put up the walls, doors, windows, roof etc.. without having a foundation, it just doesn’t work. You can’t just throw any type of material down for your foundation either. The foundation must be firm and strong to hold the weight of the house without crumbling. … Read More

My Husband Laughed Until He Saw What I Could Do…

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My story is a classic tale many women can relate too. My husband thought I needed to join the workforce AGAIN after being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) for 11 years.  I believe his words were “It’s time for you to get a real job!” What my husband didn’t understand was that I didn’t miss the hustle and bustle … Read More

Get New Clients by Sharing Your Story!

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  You have an amazing story to tell, but who and how do you share it using social media? Here is where your avatar and market research help you determine your target audience. Of course, testing is required to make sure you are reaching the right target audience. The options mentioned below can be a regular post on your Facebook … Read More

Turning Research into Headlines

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You’ve got all this market research, now what? Here’s how you take your research and turn it into a few headlines to test as a likes campaigns. Who are you targeting? Ex: Moms of small children Look for pain points. Ex: dark circles under my eyes What are people saying about it? Ex: It’s running my life, I look like … Read More

My Avatar’s Created, Now What????

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Last week we discussed Customer Avatar’s. Our sample Avatar comes from a Full-Service Hair Loss Studio in Pennsylvania called, Creative Hair Solutions. Creating a Customer Avatar has helped them maximize their advertising efforts by determining who their ideal customers are and where they are on social media. After the Avatar is created, use the information about your ideal clients to … Read More

How to Find Your Ideal Client or Customer…..

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I admit it. I used to be guilty of marketing to every person who was breathing or crossed paths with me. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that everyone doesn’t want my products/services. Here are a few tips I picked up from my own personal experiences (Hopefully you won’t alienate your loved ones and friends or drain your bank account … Read More

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions…Uncovering WHY!!!

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Many times, we work ourselves up over nothing because we’re afraid to ask questions and understand the “why”. The other day I took my oldest son (he’s 11 years old) to the doctor for his annual check-up. Everything went great until he was told he had to get 2 shots. After the doctor left the room, my son’s eyes welled … Read More