Small Business Owners Discover Secret Blogging Weapon

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Small business owners are discovering the power of blogging. Below is a graphic to illustrate these benefits.The main reasons small business owners have not started blogging is because they don’t have time, don’t want to do it or don’t know how to do it.No more excuses, your secret blogging weapon is using a Virtual Assistant like myself. I am able … Read More

How Can Social Media Benefit my Business?

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Small business owners struggle with the decision to integrate social media into their marketing plan. The main question asked is “How much time do I need to dedicate to managing my social media account?” Using a Virtual Assistant like myself means you will spend ZERO time managing your social media accounts. I can set them up for you, create content … Read More

Finding the Perfect Virtual Assistant

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It’s the one thing we all hate…. Running out of TIME! Now small business owner can give themselves more time by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Here are a few tips to help you get the Perfect Virtual Assistant:   RH Marketing Group is here to MAKE YOUR BUSINESS LIFE EASIER! Check out what we can do for you today! Put my … Read More

Stop Committing These 5 Customer Service Sins

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Today’s society puts businesses at a disadvantage especially when it comes to a bad client or customer experience. It only takes a few seconds to broadcast the experience across the world on multiple social media channels. Providing great customer service is crucial and cannot be emphasized enough.Is your business guilty of these 5 Customer Service sins?Making clients feel invisible. A … Read More

At Last, the Secret to an Uncluttered Inbox is Revealed!

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Monday mornings are extremely time-consuming. Especially sifting through my inbox so I can see what important tasks I need to tackle. Now instead of spending hours sorting through emails, I’ve developed 3 simple ways to prioritize my inbox and keep it uncluttered. Skim the subject lines. 9 times out of 10, you can tell if an email is junk by … Read More

Adding Value to Customers With Brochures

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Small businesses across the country are using social media to increase brand awareness. However, just using social media won’t do the trick. Clients and customers want you to add value to their lives. Accomplish this by providing them with information they can use. The information can come in many forms, blogs, emails, videos, pamphlets, and brochures.Today let’s talk about making … Read More

Providing Content for Corporate Websites

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Small business owners who are part of a franchise are often given the opportunity to put approved content on their corporate website. Wow…what a great opportunity to showcase the services offered by your business and increase your search ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.Some corporate offices will give their franchisee’s a list of key words to use when writing content … Read More

Little Known Ways to Increase Searchability

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As a small business owner your day to day operations take precedent before anything else. RH Marketing Group understands. Which is why I can help make your business life easier with our Keyword Search services. Rene is great at finding information including the relevant keywords for your industry and business.Here are a few of the benefits your business will receive … Read More

Get Rid of Writing Worries for Good

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Continuously communicating with customers is a vital key for any business especially a small business. The challenge for many small business owners is finding the time or outlet to communicate with customers. This is where a Virtual Assistant such as myself can help. Here are some of the ways my writing services can benefit small businesses:Email campaigns to showcase products … Read More

All the Benefits of Blogging Without Any Work

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Blogging has become the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to increase your ranking in Google searches. The only problem is sole entrepreneurs and small business owners either don’t have the time to consistently do it or they just don’t have the desire. Luckily, I can help! RH Marketing Group offers writing services which include blogging. Here is how the blogging … Read More