About Rene Hoy

As a Working Mom of Four, I know what it means to be pulled in a billion-and-one directions.
As a Business Owner, I know what it means to have more tasks than you have time.

As a Virtual Assistant, my goal is to give you MORE time and LESS tasks, so that you can focus your efforts in the direction of doing the things you LOVE.

I fell into being a virtual assistant by complete accident.

In 2015, I was a direct sales consultant. I didn’t know what I was doing, my family isn’t super close, I didn’t have a ton of friends, and the few prospects I did have weren’t really interested in what I had to sell. 

So I signed up for a course that would teach me how to market using social media.

At the time, I didn’t even have a Facebook account! I didn’t exactly turn my fledgling business around with this course, but I did learn how to tell a story, how social media and websites work, and the time and effort involved in running and marketing a business.

Fast forward 2 years, I’m doing outreach for the local Mom’s Club as the president, and I had a conversation with a local chiropractic office’s social media manager. He asked me to send him some stuff I had written, and was so impressed that he thought I could turn this into a lucrative business as a virtual assistant. 

At the time, I was nannying full time; I had my own kids and home to take care of; not to mention all of the responsibilities I had taken on in the community. My plate was full, but I saw an opportunity to build a business while doing things that I enjoyed, from the comfort of my own home. 


I met my first client just a few weeks later, and my business spread through word of mouth from there.

What my clients seemed to appreciate about me versus others they had tried in the past:

  • I am extremely responsive and a great communicator.

    Sometimes virtual assistants can have language barrier issues which leads to misunderstandings - that is not an issue here.

  • I tend to do things right the first time.

    And if it isn’t right I fix it for free (See my Incredible Guarantee)

  • My turnaround time is very quick.

    This is my only job, I was able to quit nannying, and now can work for my clients while still being there to get my kids off of the bus.

The response was overwhelming, but in the best way possible!

My clients continued sending me all of the things they hated and I loved. I quickly was working in dozens of industries analyzing spreadsheets, doing research, posting on social media, creating graphics, etc. I loved it, and my clients loved that I wasn’t a “black hole” of communication. That is how one client described what working with many virtual assistants as being like - you give them tasks and never hear back, wondering if they are being worked on or will ever be completed.

My skillset expanded vastly - each time I was presented with something new I would tackle it with earnest and I discovered that I am a very quick learner!

My work ethic comes from my roots.

I was born in Ohio and moved to Oklahoma when I was 3-4. Growing up in the midwest, I saw hard work all around me. Both of my parents worked. I saw my dad go from production line at GM, to insurance sales, to school teacher, to principal. His flexibility and versatility is what I credit my own ability to take on a wide variety of tasks in many industries. 

I come from a family of problem-solvers. My dad has always been the “go-to” person, and I am the same way. People come to us with their problems, and if we don’t have a solution we will find the people who do. 


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Allow me to take these off of your plate along with any other “boring” or time-consuming tasks that keep you from doing what it is you love. I do all of this without the headaches or overhead that comes along with bringing on a new in-house employee.